Burn Speeds using RITEKR03 and CG3B

I just recently flashed my 812S@832S to the new CG3B firmware.
I noticed that the Ritek R03 media is now able to burn @8X. DVD Infopro reports this media @8X. If I remember correctly I thought this media was downgraded to 4X. I believe i was only able to burn @ 4X with CG2B.
When I load the fw into the OP and scan down to Ritek R03 only the 2X and the 4X box are checked.
Can anyone explain this.

It´s all there, where you posted three times three weeks ago… :wink:

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You know what really pisses me off,
is getting replies like the one pinto just left.

When I made those posts three weeks ago CG3B was not even released yet.

I had a simple question Mr. Pinto, if you can’t provide me with a simple answer, than do me a favor, and don’t reply, If you want to increase your post count, reply with your sarcastic answers some place else.

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Did you by chance apply the recommended tweaks in OP? Doing so will switch the RITEKR03 codes to YUDEN000T02, which means that they will not be using their own speed settings.


Erm, I skimmed the first two pages of that thread and didn’t find what he was talking about.


There are a lot of times when we see people posting about things that have been discussed before, so there are some people in the forum (including me) who point to older posts in order to keep the forum orderly. Sometimes, a mistake can be made in doing so, and reading his post, I don’t think it was intended maliciously.

Yes I did,
Thank you for explaining.

Thanks you for the reply

I might be wrong, but to my knowledge RiTEKR03 was “downgraded” already in CG1B.
Have not seen C0deKing changing this in later revisions.

This info can be found on page one at the link provided above.

I think you misunderstood my question. I realize it was downgraded.
After I flashed to CG3B, I was able to burn at 8X.

Nero reported the 8X option. Before I flashed, there was no option to burn @8X
4X was the fastest burn speed available.

Now it will let me burn @8X

My question is, why will it let me burn @8X using CG3B

Are you burning it at 8X and getting good results with the new firmware? My experience has been that the downgrade to 4X was for good reason.

Sorry being too hasty… :wink:

I have tested this behaviour (although not on RiTEKR03) and under some circumstances this is indeed possible. :wink:

  • Download CG3B firmware for your drive. Check the tweaks of choice. DON`T push “Apply recommended DVD…” button.
    (All needed speed-/writestrat tweaks are already in place.)
  • Load the firmware in your drive.
  • Post back and tell us your “new” max writespeed for RiTEKR03.


Note. You didn´t notice this with RICOH_R01 bacause they are 8x speeded in CG*B

My results vary,

I was just surprised that it would let me burn @8X.

I thought that option was eliminated.
I was only able to burn @ 4X with CG2B

Now it will burn @ 8X using CG3B,

I thought I might have a problem with my firmware or drive.

Well, RITEKR03, like all Ritek media, varies. There are some good batches out there that will burn nicely at 8x (I have one such batch). It’s just that not all of them are like that, hence all the downgrading and hence why Ritek is selling a number of their R03 discs as 4x-rated media. But if your particular batch burns fine at 8x, there’s no reason to not burn it at 8x…

(it does seem that the chances of it burning well at 8x improves if you use the YUDEN000T02 strat, which is why that swap is put in to the recommended list, but that is no gaurantee that 8x will work–just that it’ll be a bit more likely to work)

The R03 batch I have burns fine with the default strat @ 8X, and I get coasters with the YUDEN strat swap. I am using VS0B; I have not tried CGxx. RICOHJPNR01 still has better scans though.

i’m using CG3B withOUt any tweaks applied…this sets the ritek ro3 to 4x…i reset it to 6x …i’m getting very nice results using a 2.8 mhz intel system…i scanned every burn with kprobe…they look dam good…Thank You code guyz :smiley: