Burn speed

hi there i have got myself a lg bh08nls20 i have installed it onto a new formated 500gb hard drive with vista premium all drivers and software installed im also using nero to burn my bluray back ups but when i go to burn the disc all i am getting is 1x speed when i drop the box down to change the speed to 4x is there any updates that would give better burn speeds ive already updated the firmware.

thanks joggy:(

What disc are you using and what are they rated for?

How much are you backing up? Does it get to 1x or does it slow down?

i used panasonic 1-4x speed also ritek 4x speed and a sony rw 4x speed,the size of the files are all under the specs for a br disc when i do try and burn it just sits at 1x speed and yes it does slow down it takes about 5hours to burn one disc, i had the lg ggw h20l before this one and it burned the speeds no problem this one is an exchanged one as the laser went on my first one.

Can not find this drive , Did you type it right?

lg bh08nls20


Have you tried other burning software with it to test it?

Are these all RE Disc The rated burn speeds are:

Writing Speeds:
BD-R: 8x
BD-R DL: 8x
BD-RE: 2.3x
BD-RE DL: 2x

Only 2 and 2.3 x for re writables, I would send it back and tell them you want one that is better or at least equal to what you had.

no ive not tried another software yet nero worked fine with my other bluray burner, ritek is bd-r 1-4x and panasonic is bd-r 1-4x and the sony is bd-re 2x, ive got roxio 10 which i have not tried yet or img burn what do suggest to use.

You can try Imgburn first to check out software issues. Nero has had some problems.

thanks for your help will give it a go and see what happens, will let you know how it went.