Burn speed

I am currently using Verbatim 4x (Mcco1r20), my burners are Benq 1620, 1650 and Lite-on Shm 165ps my burns have not been coming out too good, Any suggetions as to what speed I should be using and what burner is better for scanning , writing, etc.

Well what speed are you burning at

I have used 4x & 8x.

You cannot force 8x on 4x media.
What kind of problem are you experiencing?

Never tried with 4x media but I’ve burned TY T02 8x media @16x on my Benq 1650.

Well there was a day when we/i were very happy to achieve this :rolleyes: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Is this a new cakebox of discs? Lets see some scans please with one of the BenQ’s first.

You probably mean MCC01R[B]G[/B]20…

My mistake it is a G also how can I copy/ paste to show
the results. I have copy/pasted before but can’t figure out how to do it with the Nero7 program i use to test the dvd’s?

Test scores in the 70’s & 80’s 5-15 Pif, Jitter.

Does this happen on all three burners?
Are you running other programs while burning?
What software do you use to burn? Some have anti jitter setting.
Did you try different media?

Yes all three burners, I have used R4me, Dvd Fab, Dvd rebuilder, I may have been running other programs, do you think thats the problem? I believe in the past I had run other programs and did’nt have that problem, but I’ll burn another with no other programs and see what happens, thanks.

I use R4 and Rebuilder. Never had any problems like that.
Do you have latest Rebuilder, or using free version? I use RB Pro with CCE basic, it works well.