Burn Speed



I’ve posted about this before but it continues to be a problem. I’m using a new HP dvd840e via what appears to be a USB 2.0 connection. However the process of my backing up a dvd takes close to 4 or 5 hours. About 40 minutes to use Decrypter and rip it to my hard drive, and then about 4 hours alone to encode and then burn in DVD Shrink. Is there something wrong with my process or does anyone have an idea what could be causing such a slow down?


Transcoding speed is dependent mainly upon your processor and system memory. I’ve never heard of DVD Shrink taking that long, but if your processor is outdated, it could be possible. Forty minutes for a rip is not outrageous, but look into seeing if your DVD drive has hacked firmware that can speed up reading DVD-Video discs. Some manufacturers limit reading speed to 2x to get on the good side of the studios since normal playback only requires 1x reading.


One possible cause could be your HDD is not operating in the correct DMA mode or is badly fragmented. Check the DMA status & defrag regularly.


I’m using an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Processor with 2.0 ghz, 512 MB Ram and 21 gigs of free space. Does my encoding time seem correct based on those specs? Also, how do i check my DMA status?


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My DMA status is correct. So i’m guessing it’s because of my specs that my encoding time is so slow?


Sounds about right, especially if you’re keeping all the extras.