Burn speed

Hi guys

I’m just wondering if it is possible to burn the cd with the speed greater than the speed written on the disc? If yes, what software do you need


It’s not advisable to do this.

However, I would have thought that most burning apps would do this anyway. I could burn some Memorex 24x CD-R at more than 24x but would get burn failures when I tried.

I use nero 6 and I was trying to burn on a 10x CD-RW. it only show me 2 option at the burning page, 4x and 10x. I don’t know how to make it more than 10x. anyhelp would be great.


CD-RW media cannot be burned overspeed.

The available write speeds really depend on the firmware in your drive.

The firmware within the drive has a list of supported media and what speeds those media can be burned at.
Your CD-R media may or may not be supported at higher than rated speed - or in some cases it might only be supported at lower speeds.

Some burning programs may not be able to provide you with a choice of burning speeds, but no burning program will be able to force a drive to burn CD at a speed that isn’t supported by the drive.

As TimC wrote, you will not be able to burn CD-RW media at higher than rated speed, because that would probably destroy the disc.

Only CD-R media (and DVD+/-R media) can sometimes be burned at higher than rated speed.