Burn Speed

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 with a HL DT ST DVD±RW GWA4164B writer.
The problem is after ripping a dvd to my harddisk (for backup purposes)
it takes 40 minutes to burn dvd at 16x how is this? I have tried different dvdroms ie ProdiscF02 16x and it takes the same time for a CMC MAG E01 8x
I’ve tried to do a search for this problem on your site but I just get a “The Page cannot be Displayed screen”.

You’ve dma enabled?

Aha I’ve seen that before - can’t see the option anywhere in drive properties - how do I do that?

Found it - yes it in enabled on both ide chanels

What version of the firmware are you using?

With A104 the max speed for the Prodisc F02 is 4x, changed in A105 & A106 to 16x.

However, that’s for a GSA 4163B , not a GWA 4163B. So I’m not sure what happens about flashing to these versions, maybe the Dell site has something.

Another however, this should not make burning so slow. So are the burner & HD on the same IDE cable or separate ones. If on the same one then burning will be pretty slow anyway.

The other things, when you say DMA is enabled what is actually showing in the Current Transfer Mode box?

Firmware Version D108 - it’s an LG/Hitachi hybrid. drive (Gleened from this forum)
There are no updates that I can see anywhere.
My HD’s are SATA drives and don’t have the option of DMA
the current Transfer mode for my dvdwriter and roms are Ultra DMA Mode 5

Ignore my post as I mis-read the model number.

I’ve found a few references to firmware for this which might be useful.

Try here or here

The dangerous Brother ones i’ve tried but they say that they are not for my drive.
The HP i’ve not tried yet