Burn speed up half way?

Hi All, gained alot of useful knowledge off these forums but only now have a question!

I’ve been burning a load of DVD backups today on new TY ty02’s 8x DVD-R. These are done in Nero on an LG 4167B. However they burn at exactly 5.2x until around 45% complete when i hear the drive spin up faster to reach 7.8x very quickly.

I just burnt a Memorex CD-R data cd and it did the same thing, only spinning upto full speed at near 50% complete.

Is this normal? I only ask as i dont recall it happening but maybe i wasnt paying attention. :confused:

Well this is very normal because the form of the cd/dvd

imagine the dvd as a conglomerate of circles at the begining they are smalll and they get bigger and bigger to the end

Now if u spin the dvd constantly at the begining the speed of the laser is rather small and as it moves to bigger and bigger circles it gets faster though the cd spins the same

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This behaviour is quite normal.

No burner reaches maximum burn speed until later in the burn.

For 8x media around the 40-50% mark would be typical for the 8x speed to be reached. For 16x media you may find that only the last 10-20% is done at 16x.

Thanks! I did indeed wonder if it was something to do with the circumference changing, but nice to know for sure.