Burn speed question

I have a 16x drive in my pc. when i first bought my drive i bought a set of phillips dvd-r’s and my burner would burn at 16x no problem.

NOw i am using memorex dvd+r’s that are labeled as 16x media but only burn at 12x. Why is this? did I get a set of mislabeled disks? If i did what should I do ?

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Your drives f/w appears to support only 12x max with the memorex media.
Solution is don’t buy memorex media as it’s not that good.
The most popular media is either MCC or TY. While this will give you back the 16x burns. For anything that’s important 12x is probably better.

thank you i figured as much… i have heard memorex media isn’t good… but i havn’t gotten a strait technical answer and i notice everyone says MCC and TY are the best. But what can i buy since i am a BUDGET type of person. i don’t have tons of money for either media. What do you recomend in that case? is it possible to get MCC or TY for $25 for 100 disc?