Burn speed problems

Hi guys first post so I’ll understand if this gets chucked in the newbie bit !!
Problem is I have a Liteon 40125s which until last week was fine now though I can only burn @ 8x without the burnproof coming in and out every few seconds.
I have a Liteon 163D that I’m reading from.
I was getting a fullish mp3 disc in around 2.5 mins but now it’s 7.5 at best.
This happens whatever software tried Nero, Cdrwin etc
Any help would be appreciated

AMD XP1800/Asus A7N266-VM/256MB PC2100/80GB IBM/LiteOn 40125S/LiteOn 163D /WinXP Pro

1). What cd-r’s are you using? (An old cd-r rated at 12x cannot
be expected to run at 40x)
2). Are both cd-rw’s set up as Secondary Master and Slave?
- Try 163D as Primary slave if so
3). Is DMA properly set up? (Go to Device Manager, look up
properties of IDE ATA/ATAPI controller, check advanced
settings for DMA setup)

If what you said is correct, 2) is probably the problem.
Check all 3 possibilities to be safe.

Thanks for the reply
should have said that DMA is ok.
As for the discs I’m using 24x but before everyone shouts “well what do you expect” these are the same discs that were burning nicely @ 40x til yesterday ???
I will swap the drives see if that makes things better but what gets me is that without touching the PC for 2 weeks I come home to find my newish 40x drive can’t burn any better that the 24x it replaced aaarghh!!

What brand of cd-r’s are you using? (Bet it was CMC)
How many of these 24x cd-r’s did you burned successfully at 40x
before it started running at 8x?
Was your cd-rw set-up as Secondary Master and Slave when you
were successfully running at 40x?

If both cd-rw’s were on the secondary channel, you’ll will have the
stop and go effect thus taking 7.5 min. Did you ever copy another disk with this set-up? How long did it take?

Ok everything is now back to normal (Yesss!!)
I tried all the things ppl had advised to no avail.
So I got hold of another reader stuck it in and 40x back as before so I reinstalled the Liteon 163 dvd-rom and now everything is as before. Burning at 40x using 24x rated discs and it takes around 2.5 mins for a full mp3 disc on the fly !!
I haven’t changed the setup yet but I’ll try the reader as primary slave and the writer as secondary master to see if there’s much improvement but @ 2.5 mins for a disc I ain’t that worried.
Thanks for all the suggestions

btw the discs are WD100**. These are white tops probably ritek or data safe but @16p each and burning fine @ 40x there’s no worries !!