Burn Speed Problem with New DRW-1814-BLT---Asus No Help So Far

I am getting no better than about 4x max burn speeds on 4.3GB DVD-Rs (either rewritable or lightscribe) on this new drive, while my old Plextor 712A (which is an IDE drive with DMA enabled) burns at 11x regularly on the same media. My system is XP Pro SP2 with a Gigabyte M61P-S3 motherboard (with the NVIDIA Geforce 6100/NForce 430 chip handling the onboard SATA connections). Someone on the AsusTek forums suggested that the NVIDIA drivers might be the problem, so I replaced them with Microsoft Dual Channel IDE drivers. No difference. The NVidia SATA Controllers showed that the drive was sending/receiving data at 1-1.5 GB/second. I have four SATA ports, the other three with SATA hard drives on them, and all of them showed UltraDMA functioning when I switched to the MS Dual Channel controllers. I see no place to enable DMA on the NVidia SATA controllers under Device Manager’s IDE/SATA Controllers section, and primary and secondary IDE are all set to use DMA if available. Is it necessary to get a PCI card that takes the connection from this SATA optical device in order to allow it direct memory access? It seems that no DMA is in effect, since the speeds of the Asus are exactly the ones my Plextor 712A achieves when it is in PIO Mode. Maybe I should just plug the Asus optical drive into a different SATA port and see if that helps? Any advice is most appreciated…Asus technical support hasn’t helped so far.

Recent nVidia chipsets seem to be a bit finicky with SATA ODD. I don’t use one myself but have you tried with the latest nForce drivers from nvidia.com (probably newer than what Gigabyte lists on their support pages).

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Dear Cressida,
Thanks for the welcome, and yes, I downloaded the latest NForce drivers. No luck so far, but I’m going to try moving the drive to a different location and just see if that makes any difference. I’ll report back here when I do that, probably tomorrow.