Burn Speed Problem with DW 1640

My benq dw 1640 has suddenly started to only burn TYG02 media at 4X or sometimes only at 2.4X!!!

I have been running the L version of the firmware and all had been fine and I could burn the media at 8X no problem with Overspeed switched on.

Now for no apparant reason it will not burn at 8X anymore!

It is very strange that I made absolutely no changes and now it will not burn as it did before…

Anyone know how to fix this?

Try clearing the eeprom “learned media” in Qsuite.

Hi :slight_smile:
Dalen Quaice, surprised your not reccommending switch of f/w too. As you’ve defected from BenQ to Philips.
reni10 might be worth reflashing if clearing learned memory doesn’t work.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually very impressed with the Philips firmware. One nice thing is that the LED doesn’t stay on when a disc is inserted on the Philips.

Flashed the firmware to the K version and cleared the learned Discs but exactly the same problem!

Will only burn discs at 4X no matter whether overspeed is enabled on not!

Anyone got any further help?

BSKB’s SolidBurn support for -R is quite buggy (sooner or later it’ll get stuck at 2.4x burning), BSLB is much better in that respect. I’ve personally switched to EW164B BEFB firmware (voids warranty), which I still haven’t needed to clear the eeprom after burning about 150 discs. Only problem with it is that the Qscan function in Qsuite doesn’t work, so if you use it better stick to BSLB.

If you’re not going to burn faster than 8x, switch off OS and SB for known media.