Burn Speed on New CD-RW

Hello everyone! I am the Ultra Newbie! My name is Brian and I live in Virginia. I work for the Army and I am a big ol’ newbie when it comes to CD-RWs.

Here is my problem:

I own a Gateway Performace 500PC which I purchased in 1999. I finally got around to upgrading my CD-RW. My original one came with the system it is a:

Read and Write 4x/4x/24x IDE CDROM Drive

I upgraded to a Buslink 52x/24x/52x CD-RW.

I installed it myself. I used the old cable, made sure it was on master and installed it directly to the same slot as the old CD-RW.

Voila!! Everything worked…EXCEPT…

When I used my Easy Creator it will ONLY burn at the same speed as my old CD-ROM (4x). now I am using a CD-R that is up to 32x compatible-so I should get at least that. However for the life of me I just don’t know how to increase the speed from the old CD-RW speed.

When I went into system and clicked on CD-ROM it stated I had a LITE-ON LTR-522465.

I am not sure what other information I should provide.

Can someone help this newbie out? I would be most grateful!

Thanks for listening!

Easy CD might not work correctly with your drive. Try using Nero. You can try Installing Easy CD again along with any updates for it.

It worked!! I downloaded Nero and it worked…

I appreciate it…

I am glad it was a simple fix!