Burn speed maxout at 4x


I got a BenQ 1620 and have been burning at 8x consistently on tyg03 and tyg02 but recently, all my burns max out at 4x. i’ve tried nero and imageburn with the same result. is there something wrong with my system? i have the task manager and it’s showing the burning programs only taking up 2-5% of the cpu. thanks

Have you changed media? Some of the latest 16x media may not be recognised properly by the 1620 & so burn only at 4x.

The other problem could be that DMA is now not enabled properly so would give you a max of about 4x. Try this link .

Let BIOS select transfer mode is selected (ultra dma 6 - ultra 133) is greyed out. i’ve been using ty2 but somehow this batch has some tyg3 in them. i guess i need to find a firmware that will support it.

Certainly firmware version B7W9 supports TYG03 @ 16x.

Btw you should be running UDMA mode 2 for the Benq, the mode 6 is a hard drive.

Under “Nvidia nforce parallel ata controller properties”, Primary Channel has my hard drive and transfer mode is Ultra DMA6 for Master drive, nothing for slave drive. Secondary Channel, I have Benq DVD LS DW1655 (i gave the wrong model on my previous post), and its transfer mode is Let BIOS select transfer mode (Ultra DMA2 - Ultra 33), the same goes for my slave drive. I have firmware CBIB but when burning tyg03 media, i’m maxed out at 4x while i told it to burn at 8x.
Do I uncheck the “Let BIOS select transfer mode” and manually to tell it to use Ultra DMA2 (even though having this option checked automatically default the transfer mode to ultra dma2)? Thanks for all the help so far.