Burn Speed limits?

I noticed over time since I update my Nero 6 to Nero version that when I went to burn a my music cd that I rip from my collection back to a blank CD. I found that my lowest burn speed was only 16x. I have a liteon 20A1H LL0C drive. I have to get some more blank CD to try again, but I thought I should be able to go down to 1x burn speed?? So has anyone noticed this problem??

I just tried two different brands/manufacturers of CDR in my own 20A1H (same firmware), and like you the lowest speed offered by Nero (7) was 16x.

Doesn’t really bother me, as the lowest speed I burn at is 16x for audio.

Any reason you want to go down to 1x?

I would guess it’s down to the firmware.

I would like the option to choose the burn speed to test whether one speed is better at producing a better burn. Having the software pick what speed reduces my ability to diagnosis any burn problems.