Burn speed limited to 4x in Burning programs

Ok I have a Sony DRU-530A for about a year and a half now, and its a 8X burner (Really great)

Anyways I had to reformat last week, and I was backing up my photoshop files today on my computer, but Nero is limited my burn speed to 4X only with TDK 16x DVD-R’s. Any other programs I use like Alcohol etc only let the drive go up to 4x, and I’ve burned at 8X speed before

Anybody know whats causeing this and how to fix it?

Have you updated the burner’s firmware to the latest version? There’s always a possibility that old firmware doesn’t recognise newer discs, and then all burning is limited to 4X.
I had the same problem with my NEC 3520 once, and it was fixed after applying new firmware.

I have the latest firmware 2.1G, and yeah this media is brand new. I don’t have any other media to test burning speed with, but TDK is top notch, I don’t know why it would burn slower then normal

It’s just that the firmware in the burner doesn’t recognise the TDK media so defaults to 4x. This will be an increasingly common problem for owners of older DVD burners as the manufacturers tend not to offer firmware updates for these to match new media.

It’s likely that your burner will not give you a good quality burn as there is no defined write strategy for that media & the default one is just that - a default & not optimised for any media.

While it’s still available buy 8x media only.