Burn speed dvdfab



how do i change the burn speed on dvd fab
perhaps the new releases will copy better at a slower burn speed


here is the guide

and dont use the new version as the new version has bugs. use this version instead.

after the bugs are worked out the next release will have some improved write settings

  • New: Improved selection of recommended write speed. DVDFab will use 16x when writer recommends 18x or 20x, and will use 8x when writer recommends 12x or 16x. If you want to use highest possible write speed, you can specify it in “Write Speed” of “Settings -> DVD -> Write” window.
  • New: Updated VSO burning engine.
    [B]* New: Added support for “AUTO” and “MAX” write speed of ImgBurn.[/B]

using ImgBurns Auto write speeds. now this is a long awaited feature. :slight_smile:


thank you so much
have printed out your instructions