Burn Speed drops to 4x



hi… :rolleyes:

I need your help, please! :sad:

This is my problem:

  • i try to burn good media 8x (nero, but every time the burn speed droops to 4x

  • i already try many settings in qsuite, such SB On/Off, eeprom clean, etc

  • my drive: DW1655 BCDB

what can i do to burn media at right speed (ex: Platinum Ritek R03 8x, Platinum RicohJPN R02 8x)

Note: Sorry for my bad english :wink:


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Check if DMA is enabled


Try also to do a defrag of your HDD

Is your drive connected internally or through a USB2 port?


hi geno888 :slight_smile:

  • yes DMA is enabled

  • i make a defrag of HDD in last week…

  • the Benq 1655 drive it’s connected internally (Master in secondary IDE, Ultra DMA Mode 2)



The other thing to ensure is that the burner is not on the same IDE cable as the HDD, although burning at a max 4x is typical of DMA problems as Geno points out.

Edit: DMA might be enabled but what is the “Current Transfer Mode” showing as ?

And don’t worry about the bad english. I doubt that many of us english speakers could write a question in a foreign language. Your english will no doubt improve just as Geno’s has over the past year. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ditto :iagree: :slight_smile:

I’d like to add another question: what IDE driver do you have installed? Intel, nvidia or via IDE drivers can cause problems.


i have an nVidia IDE Driver installed…


That could be a problem. Mostly it’s best to uninstall this driver on the channel that the burner’s on , reboot & let Windows install it’s own driver.


I think that it’s not the IDE/DMA or something like that, because before this drive (dw1655) i had a old drive (DW1620 Pro) in same place and this doesn’t happen…
I change this new drive by the old one and i place the old one (DW1620) in secondary channel as slave


Is the 1620 working correctly also being connected together to the 1650?


yes… the 1620 it’s working correctly and it’s connected together with the 1655


So it’s only the 1650 that can’t go faster than 4x.

Have you checked cables? What PSU (Power Supply Unit) do you have? Maybe an insufficient one can cause this problem.

Try to disconnect all drives and leave only the 1650 running to see if this solve


yes, it’s the 1655 that can’t go faster than 4x

the cables are ok…

I have a UPS (MGE 675)… i think that it’s the same that PSU!

Note: i finish, right now, to burn an Platinum Ritek R03 8x at 8x in 1620 with nero and with very good results 98%.


If this is true, why i don’t have problems with the 1620?


To exclude definitely a configuration problem, can you try this drive on a different computer?


no… i only have this pc at home! Tomorrow i will talk to a friend to try the 1655 drive in their pc! :frowning:


i have a second OS with wind xp pro, and i can try the 1655 drive under this 2º OS! It’s the same thing that try the drive on a different computer? :confused:


Sorry, right now I have no more ideas :frowning:

Try to uninstall nvidia IDE drivers, maybe this is the only problem


Probably no, because the hardware configuration is the same, but it’s a test very easy to do, so why not? :slight_smile:


ok… i will do that and later i will post here the result!

many thanks to everyone, especially to geno888 :clap: