Burn speed dips when burning on benq 1620

I just built a new pc and have noticed that DVD’s are taking about 10 min to burn at 12x when previously on my old pc I could burn at 12x and it would take about 6 and a half min. If you look at my attached screenshot you can see the speed dips constantly. Any suggestions?

Drive is running in ultra dma mode 2 (udma 33).
Pc is athlon 64 3800
2gb ram
250 gb hard drive
I’ve got plenty of power as you can see.

forgot to mention i’m burning on a Taiyo yuden t02 DVD +R

Those speed dips are called WOPC (Walking Optical Power control) and it is perfectly normal for the burn and speed you posted. Example aprrox 5:55 to 6:10 is normal for a 16x burn as shown in your screen shot.:slight_smile: