Burn speed and quality



I was wondering if the higher the burn speed the more likely it would be for my video to be choppy and/or audio and video out of sync? i usually burn at 45x.


are you currently experiencing these problems?


yes I am sometimes.


what program(s) are you using? what type of videos are you viewing?


I am using both Nero 7 ultra and Ashampoo Burning studio 7 and I typically burn AVI files onto DVD to play on my standalone DVD player


Burn at 45X’s ? for a video


What brand of media are you using?


using Maxell 4.7 DVD+R, AS for the 45x burn I may have mistaken that for CD burning sorry. I just notice that my DVD disk says up to 16x on it that may be the problem. But would the burning software take this max speed into account when burning?


Lets hope so.

Try burning these Maxell’s at 8x and see if you get any improvement.


General rule of thumb is to burn at half the maximum rated speed of the disc, (16X burn at 8X), see if this helps. You might also want to look at slowing down your CD burns as well.