Burn speed Anandtech

The review of the pioneer 108D by anandtech made me decide to purchase one.

The decrease in the speed of the burn (according to anandtech) created a burned dvd with less errors in comparison to the Plextor. However when I burn a DVD and select 8x burn, will pioneer still decrease the speed of the burn? Or will it -with more errors- burn it on the chose 8x.


Pioneer 108BK v1.10
Nero v6.3.1
Philips 8x DVD+R sl

It will still decrease the burn speed if the media is bad, but it has to be real trash to drop lower than 8x (excluding 4x or lower rated media of course). Even my atrocious Datawrite Red 8x disks only slow down to 8x for the last 1/4 or so if I try to burn them at 12x.

A friend has 8x rated media which slows down to 4x about 1/2 way though the burn but these disks are ones he got for nothing from a local shop because even they couldnt shift them they were so bad they even look bad with smeared, multiple overprinting and obvious visible media defects).