Burn software that inserts index marks



i'm using a plextor px-820t (8 speed) and using winoncd 3.6 that came with it - my problem is that i cannot figure out how to either make sure no gaps are inserted between tracks burnt or else how to insert index marks on one single wav

ive visited the very nice link to cdsoft but i've no idea which one to get

any advice would be muchos grassyarse



Nero works very well with audio files, or Easy CD creator 4.0
I’m not sure how to make multiple tracks from one WAV file, but Nero can burn audio CDs without a gap between tracks. Just download and check the help files if there’s an option like that…




You might want to try Feurio available as shareware at www.feurio.com It has a CD manager program that allows you to insert index points in “one” wave file… The software is not disabled in anyway and there is no time limit on using it. It does have a “nag” screen, but if you can put up with that, get it and go to burning… Hey, and if you like his program, support him, it’s only about 26 US dollars…

You can also use Adaptec EZCD creator to create if you have multiple wave files and you want to “eliminate” the gap between tracks. Just drag the wave files into your project window, click on the record button, click tab with advanced features, choose disc at once, then click back on general tab and choose burn – it will eliminate the gap between tracks…


Just check ‘Disc-at-Once’ and you’ll have no problem with any gabs!
Good luck with it!