Burn Software Recommendation w/ job queue

I have 4 Nec 3500 DVD burners. Id like to queue up a bunch of files and burn to each drive when the last job ends then just reload the drives with blank media. Record max now 4.5 use to do this but wont work without serious tweaking at least its seems serious for me.



you might try nero backitup. comes with nero 6x reloaded. can’t be sure if it does what you need. but i think it will do it

I got Record max now 4.5 working with my 4 DVD drives. I followed the instructions on this site got the software from there to.


I have 2 3500 and 2 3540’s The 3500 I can choose the speed but the 3540’s I can only choose min mid and max but mid seems to be 8x and thats what media im using. I just burned 20 DVD images in 4 hours. Id still like to hear if theres any alternatives.