Burn software and Safedisc 2.90.040

ok this is the story:

the day before yesterday I built my first PC, Specs :
-AMD Athlon XP 2800+
-Sapphire Radeon 9800 pro 128 MB
-MAxtor diamond 9+ 80 GB
-NEC 1300A DVD writer
-Lite on 16X 48X
Internet is not connected to this PC
The PC I am typing with now has CAble connection, it will be disconnected by our provider tomorrow thats why I make a Topic, I really need an answer fast (sorry :frowning:

Today I went to a friend and got Need for speed Underground.
first I wanted to download a crack etc etc but then I downloaded Nero 6.011 on this COmp and put it on CDrw and got it to the other PC and installed it, I Copied the FIrst CD but the second CD was Protected, then I discovered your site by GOogle. (I must say I was happy :))

and I downloaded Safedisc analysor and Protection ID to see what it was protected with, Both programms said: Safedisc 2.90.040 FOUND !

then I went to ur site and I saw a list that had this protection and NFSU wasnt on it, I was like :rolleyes:

plz tell me what I should do now…sry for this lazy behavior but tomorrow the internet connection is disconnected and Im kinda in a rush cuz tomorrow I will be with family all day celebrating the comming of 2004.

plz man I :bow: you

Did you buy the game from your friend or just borrow it?

no I just borrowed it, I have to return it tomorrow.

If you don’t own the original then I’m afraid we can’t help you. This is a warez free forum.

[Btw, when you do need help in backing up a cd that you own you’ll find our search function and our tutorial sections of great assistance.]