Burn slow on laptop

i have a compaq presario 2170ca
xp home service pack 1
mobile amd atherlon xp2200+
192 mb ram

i have a benq external cdrw/dvd+rw hooked to a pcmcia nec pci to usb 2.0.
the usb is installed correctly, the computer recognizes it as a 2.0.

now the problem i am having.
the burner hooked up to my fathers or uncles computer works fine, we all use nero
on their computer the burn is fast, on 8x dvds about 8 mins to burn. on my laptop it takes over a hour at 8x and the buffer level jumps up and down. i looked around the sites, dma is on for my harddrive, and taking data off the dvd from the drive is fast. just the burning is so slow on my laptop. any help of suggestions, or if more info is needed please let me know.

first off i’d blame pcmcia being dog slow, then i’d blame usb2 being slow, then i’d ask if you were using battery or mains electricity (the laptop may be in powersave)?

are you installing the drive internally on your father/uncle’s pc?

laptop is plugged in, its not on powersave, and the drive is external, for my fathers/uncles computer i hooked it to their usb same install as with the laptop.

What RPM is your laptop drive? Often laptop HDs are much slower than their desktop counterparts. Although I do not think that this would account for such an increased recording time, unless the drive is heavily fragmented.