Burn same DVD on 3 recorders at once

What program should I use to burn my own DVD on 3 or 4 recorders on once ?

I curently use Ulead DVD Workshop 2 for authoring and i like (need) the macrovision protection function but i can only burn one dvd at time.

Is there any software that can do the same, but that work with multiple dvd recorders ?

Or is there a way to clone my dvd just as it is, with Macrovision protection ?

Nero and Roxio certainly will burn to multiple burners just as you require.

Yes I know, but i need macrovision protecnion on all dvds.

How to do it ?

Does anyone know how to do this ?

Or how to make 1:1 copy of my Dvd just as it is, with macrovision protection ?