Burn ripped dvd to cd

:confused: hi, ipls help a newby?! i have ripped a dvd using easy vcd, that worked brilliantly, then i tried to burn to cd using nero and it doesnt recognise the file or something, can anyone tell me wot im doing rong?? thks

what files did easyvcd output for you?
By default, Nero does not list all image files- in the open file dialog box, change the drop down selection to iso/cue and see if your file appears as a valid choice

thx btspm, im sorry if im a bit thick, heres the story the files i have are .bin and .mpeg the .bin one is the ripped one still cant get nero to do anything it says unexpected file format,

Check out the guides over at CloneAD. Great stuff for beginners. It’s how I got started. Love the step by step.

You can burn the bin/cue images with nero by selecting Burn Image from the file menu and then just loading the cue for burning. This works just fine with bin/cue images created by EazyVcd; I’ve been using that method for the past couple of years.

hurrah!! it worked thank u thank u thank u!!! it wasnt me being thick after all!!! happy godchildren able to watch shreik2 thanks again