Burn rings (marks)

Has anyone else been getting these? burning at 8x and 12x causes them to appear underneath the media, circles of different hues (pinky) and its making me paranoid.

Media used.


NEC 3520A - 1.05

Note: i have modified the scan so the rings stick out more.

more than likely that’s just the write strategy.That will happen when it changes speed on the disc.If you do a 4x burn you won’t see that cause the speed is 4x all the way through.

none of my burners do that…would make me paranoid also.

Thanks for the replies.

Will go out on pay day and purchase a small amount of dvds recommended by NEC, any burn rings like that and burner goes back.

No such problem with my NEC 3500A with fw 2.18 and 8X Yuden000 T02. 4X, 8X, 12X, and 16X…all okay. I did see similar rings with my RicohJpn W11 4X +RW media when I do several partial burns. However, when I rewrite the entire disc with a DVD movie, then I no longer see the ring.

It looks like the dye is not reacting very well with a change in write speed? Try a quality high-end media.

Try Ritek G05, Ritek R03, Prodisc S03, Verbatim MCC or TY. All of these burn fine at rated speeds, MCC 8X do very well at 12X if you are looking for a faster burn; Supermediastore had them on sale last time I looked. Sorry if you are overseas.

My ND-3520 makes these “rings” too, depends on the used media and/or write strategy how visible they become. I’m not too stressed about it tho :slight_smile:

The rings are caused by Zone-CLV write strategies. If you’re burning at 6x, 8x, or 12x, you may notice the rings at the locations on the disc where the drive “upshifts”, meaning that it briefly stops writing, re-calibrates the laser, and then continues writing at a higher speed.


HL-DT-ST GSA-H10A too makes marks when writing at speeds more than 4x,is it ok
or can it cause data corruption ?

It’s not a problem it’s an advantage.

It’s a sign that the burner is using the optimum write strategy for all sections of the disc and not using a constant compromised write strategy throughout.

You’re producing better quality burns than with a constant write strategy.