Burn Rings - Do They Affect the Burn Quality?



Hi All,

I’ve noticed on about 10% of my DVD-R burns I get “Burn Rings”. They’re not too noticeable but if you look at the disc closely you can see them. Weird thing is that I never get these burn rings on my DVD+R burns, I only get them on my DVD-R burns. I’m using MXL RG03 and Taiyo Yuden TY02 8X discs on an NEC 3520 burner. I’m burning these discs at 4X and I still get the burn rings. Do these burn rings affect the quality of the burn and should I be getting them at 4X?



If you meen the slight change in the color of the dye this is from the burning process


Yes, slight change in the color of the dye, which has the appearance of rings. I’ve heard of this when burning at 8X or higher because of the change in speed throughout the burn but mine are happening at 4X which burns at a constant speed. The weird thing is that I only get them on DVD-R, not DVD+R discs. :confused:


I wouldn’t worry too much - Usually they’re down to things like speed changes (Z-CLV most obvious, but other strategies sometimes get them still), BURNproof kicking in or some sort of synching (e.g. when adding a new session).