Burn rate stuck at 1.6X

When I bought my Dell, I got a NEC ND 2100AD with it about 1.5 years ago. It was burning at close to 4X at the time. I use DVD Decrypter to burn and the buffer was always near 100% full. About 6 months ago, the burner went bad and Dell replaced it with another since it was still (just barely) under warranty. They put in another NEC ND 2100AD and I just began burning again. I also got the latest version of DVD Decrypter. Now, my burner never burns at anything better than 1.6X and the buffer is empty for all but the first couple minutes of the burn. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

Other notes:

  1. I have a CD-ROM drive in the first bay. I don’t know which is master and which is slave or even how to tell or how to change this. (Sorry, don’t mess with the hardware much!)
  2. I always defrag before the burn.

Hi and welcome here at CDF,

this sounds like a not enabled DMA mode for the device, you can easy check it by using Nero Infotool, you can find the tool in your Nero Toolkit folder.

If it is disabled you can enable it in your systemsettings–>system–>hardware–> device managner, select properties of the primary or secondary IDE channel under IDE/ATAPI controller and set the mode to “DMA, if available”

hope this helps

InfoTool shows me that DMA is off so I went to the device manager and my “transfer mode:” setting is “DMA if available” but the “current transfer mode:” is set to “PIO mode”. I thought I was told that a device is switched to the slower mode when the device is having problems. Maybe this happened when my first burner went bad?? How do I reset this if this is the problem?

Try it by deleting the IDE channel, after the reboot it installs again.

Well, I uninstalled the IDE channel and rebooted. Both drives then defaulted to PIO Only so I switched them back to DMA if available and rebooted again. The CD-ROM drive updated itself to Ultra DMA but the DVD+R drive continues to show PIO only. I fond this:
article so I deleted the recommended registry entries and rebooted but got the same result. It’s as if the device only thinks it can use PIO because it’s saying PIO only before I even attempt a new burn. I also found this article:
which I think will only help me once I get the initial problem solved.
Thanks for your help.

Have you installed any IDE drivers (such as NVIDIA)?

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been out most of the day. Yes, I recently updated my NVIDIA drivers when I updated to the latest version of Pinnacle Studio 9 and it started crashing on me. I also have updated to Microsoft service pack 2 since I was last able to burn at the higher rate.

Try it again by uninstalling the IDE drivers, they can cause such problems. It’s better to use the MS standard ones.

I’m finally back at burning at 4X. Believe it or not, in my BIOS, on my Secondary IDE channel the Slave device said None (or something like that). I hadn’t looked at my BIOS because I have been burning, just slow. I changed that to Auto along with uninstalling the IDE drivers (which previously hadn’t solved the problem) and it finally shows the selected transport mode as DMA.
Thank you very much for your support,