Burn rate for cd

Looking at nero 6 they have it where you can choose the burn rate for video and audio cd. The cd-r that have have 40x on them and they are memorex.
What would you burn the video and audio at 24, 16, or even lower. I have a few cd-rw that can burn at 1x,2x, and 4x. Would you use these for audio or video. Would they be alright for data or just use them for coasters.

Also I see that nero 6 does no let you choose a burn speed. When I get to that point it is all shaded out. Is there a another section or place you can do this at. Thanks for any help.

At the end of the project, before you burn and having the disc inserted in the drive, if you ask burning-rom to check the project you shall find a window where you can chose if you want to test, test/burn or burn it.
There you will also find a small window with a drop down list that will allow you to choose the burning speed - this will show you the ones compatible with your drive.
You shall also be able to ask the program to burn at the best speed for your media - that most times is lower than the one you see on the disc.

I can find all this on Nero version 6, so I assume you will also be able to see it.

For CD-RW media you usually don’t get a choice of speed as RW media doesn’t have speed ranges write once media. This applies equally to CD & DVD media.

Memorex media is usually of questionable quality these days so best avoided. I had some Memorex 24x CD-R that were appalling.

It’s generally reckoned here to burn Audio CD at 16x for maximum compatiblity with CD players & Data CDs at 24x. I’d burn video CD-R at 16x personally.