Burn question

hi people
I have several cd that i i burned two years ago and they have worked fine
until now suddenly some of them have unreadable error could it be because i didnt finalize my disc as for the quality of the disc i know they good media also i have good writer nec 3520
sorry for the bad english

Try the discs in another drive. If they read ok, it’s your drive. If they have similar problems, it’s likely the media itself is deteriorating (although I have several burned CDs that are 10 years old and still work fine) Also depends on how you handle your CDs. Are they scratched? Did the problems start when you got the NEC 3520? How old is your 3520? Do you smoke near your computer? Nicotine staining affects the optics of CD/DVD drives.

Sorry my answer is a little vague but you need to give more information before anyone can narrow down a solution to your problem.



my discs are only two years old, i burned them with my lg drive two years ago.
I keep them in silver line cases i even burned them not with the fastest speed.
just recently i started to check my disc with cd-speed then i found this unreadable error at some of my discs i also checed them at several of my writer
and this was the same result
the discs were verbatim and sony and my nec is pretty new and my lg drive is three years old
thanx very much for the help this is very irritating :a

Irritating? I’d be furious, especially if it was something irreplaceable.

Try using nero-drive speed to lower the reading speed. Make an image copy (nrg using Nero, save the image to the hard-disk) and see if your drive will copy the disc at the lower speed, although if the drive has problems reading a section it should lower the speed automatically anyway, but it’s worth a shot. If the drive reads the disc okay this way, then re-burn images of the affected discs to new discs if what you are storing is irreplaceable. The LG drive is getting on a bit now and might give you problems with dust affecting the optics.


this is very weird i cleaned my discs although they are very clean and suddenly they work i think it relate to my scan with cd-speed because after the test which say the disc unreadable my discs wont work although they are at good condition
what could be the explanation to this?

If they work, don’t worry about it. Go do something else, but if I were you I’d make copies of suspect discs just in case.

I didnt see what media code the disks are . Sony and Verbatim have a huge amount of media codes between the two, some of which just suck in burn quality, and in turn affects longetivity.

As far as i know only dvd have media code.i see that my nec 3520 dosent support the quality test at cd-speed so i test my discs with the transfer rate and results were good
could someone advise me how to check my cds besides transfer rate because my nec dosent support cd speed quality test because it dosent show c1 error and only c2 error and the c2 result look to me very weird because they are very high
thanx again

Look here.
Edit: image didnt upload.
Just look in cdspeed disk info.