Burn Quality

Hey Folks,
I’m using Clone DVD and the TDK 840G burner… When burning a DVD, what do I need to do to ensure the best quality possible? Example; I just backed up the movie Dreamer, and everything burned fine but when I put the movie in my DVD player, the quality isn’t very sharp or rich… I use DVD -R and DVD+R disc… Just depends on whatever is on sale… What quality setting should I be putting Cone DVD on? DVD-5, DVD -R/+R DL, DVD -RAM, etc??

Thank you in advance for your help with this!

if the movie is a DVD-9 and if you have dl -/+r media use DVD -R/+R DL if not use DVD-5 and use the scissors to cut the movie onto 2 sl (dvd-5 disks).

How do I find out what the movie is? (DVD-9, etc???)

Thank you

if your using anydvd it will say Layers:2 (dvd-9) or layers:1 (dvd-5) but in clonedvd2 (set with DVD-5 in the dropdown box) if the whole movie is 100% (in the lower compression bar) it’s a sl (dvd-5) if over it’s a dl (dvd-9)