Burn Quality

I was reading the *Burn Quality Hall of Fame thread and I was just wondering what are acceptable results for the “Quality Score”, “PI Errors” (Maximum and Total) and “PI Failures” (Maximum and Total) obtained from “Nero CD-DVD Speed” and if those are the only results that really matter. Thanks:).

there is already a post concearning how to interpret the results given by the cdspeed basically
no pof
pif 16 (using benq ) or 4 (using liteon)
pie less than 280 but usually you must have lower than 30 to be acceptable
the quality score is relative and currently it has a few bugs (i.e. when a disc has pof which means that it is most likely unreadable it will still give a quality score of 30-50 something)
an acceptable quality score usually lies around 90+