Burn & Quality Question



Okay, Something is striking me as strange with my CD Speed quality results…

You will notice that in my scan… (First one)
My PI Failure Total, and maximum are less than the Second picture.
My PI Errors are the same thing. Less total, and less max than the second picture… And that disc wasn’t even full!

But for some reason I am getting raped on the Quality… My score is a 70, while the other scan is in the 90’s… Should the be scan technically be considered better then the quality shows? I looked around for something, but of course typing quality or anything in the search brings up tons of results.

I am not sure if I posted this in the correct area, so if I didn’t… I apologize.

EDIT: After going through and looking at a bunch of threads with media tests with cdspeed… Many of them have higher PI Errors, and PI Failures then my first picture, but the quality scores are better… (The pic I attached is one example I found…) Is this normal?


You should probably update your firmware in the BenQ 1620. Version B7M9 is fairly old…


ignore the quality score as most of the time it doesn`t make sence, its the graph that you should be looking at. also if you want to compare two scans like that then use the same disc and scan both at 4X.


:wink: scaning them on the same drive might be helpfull. the first scan was done on a liteon and the second on a benq. on a liteon a pif greater then 4 is bad and on a benq a pif greater then 16 is bad. how one interprets a scan depends on the drive it was scaned on. it makes a big difference.


Quality score is just a another interpretation of PIF max. You can have a disc with quality score 90% and total PIF 16 (on a Benq)… and the same score and total PIF of 50000 or even more. Quality score is not a quality score at all. I hope the author of Nero CD/DVD speed will either fix the quality score to be dependent also on other factors… or just remove it from the program as it is misleading.


I just look at the PI errors now, as the PI fails and Quality score seem meaningless
take a look at my post in the BenQ area.


Quality score is based, in part, on the total number of PIF, not just the maximum values. There is some logic to this, but it is still just an interpretation of the numbers. Some players will barf on a disc if the PIF is too “dense”; that is to say the max values are low but the count is high. I’ve seen this myself on discs with PIF below 4 max. Likewise the same player might easily read a spike of much higher PIF counts where it’s just a few blocks. (or it may not :confused: )

You can have thousands of PIF in a relatively small number of blocks, and never see a max value over 4. So, giving such a disc a lower quality score has some merit.


I don’t know if there is some logic behing Quality score besides PIF Max… And if it is… the logic is not logical… =)

As long as those 2 scans below show the same quality score the quality score is useless…