Burn quality problem 4163 A104

same in czech republic :rolleyes: , hard to get “real” tdk (-r ritek/+r moser baer), and there is also large number of fakes of tayo yuden :a . so now im using only mcc :bow: - but i don´t have good experience with “made in india”

scan of MCC, burned x12.
For me the result is almost the same as for TDK002 or MBIPG101R04, i.e. the PI curve goes signifficanly up starting from 1/2 of a DVD

too good to RMA it, too bad to be satisfying, i.e. cheaper media are burned unreadable

bad luck :frowning:

though Plextor is kind of cheap now in Poland :wink:

I wouldn’t call that a bad burn…considering you burned that media with a 50% overspeed. You won’t find too many low PIE scans when you overspeed.

I never said it is a bad burn

some people said LG inherently doesn’t like MBI but likes MCC, that is the reason I get bad burns on cheap MBI

What I see is that LG burns “good brand” MBI and MCC with almost the same quality (acceptable quality)

My current theories regarding what went wrong are:

  1. LG media learning for MBIPG101R03 went wrong
  2. my LG unit started to malfunction slightly, i.e. better quality media results are acceptable, cheap media results are unacceptable, but both show the same pattern of PI goes signifficanly up starting from 1/2 of a DVD

these are just theories, you know :wink:


Have you tried cleaning up your system, like I suggested in an earlier post?

yes, I did the cleanup, and no change.

mystery solved, it was the 851 liteOn that was malfunctioning, i.e. on cheap media it was giving incorrect quality scans, and the better media (more expensive) the more accurate the quality scan was. Of course it was correlated with quality scan results, so I thought that LG was the one to blame. I discovered that after my colleague said he had had an excelent quality scan on DVD I had given him after checking as barely acceptable.

attached examples of scans on another drive.

By the way it was the (malfunctioning I admit) liteOn that hated MBI, LG seems to handle MBI perfectly well.