Burn quality problem 4163 A104

I bought this drive four months ago. The first file prostore_new_burn_bad.PNG shows the burn quality I have now consistently with some mid-range media.

The second file prostore_old_burn_good.PNG shows the quality I used to have with the same media.

Additional information is that the drive used to burn some low-quality media almost perfectly, i.e. PI/PIF in range 10/100, while now the result ist almost unreadable.

The problem appeared in version 102, so I upgraded to 104 but no change.

What puzzles me more, I experienced the same problems with my previous drive, LiteOn 851, i.e. after a couple of months the LiteOn burned DVDs showed high error rates near disc end (see thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=123283)

Any ideas? Help appreciated

To begin with, MBIPG101R03 isn’t exactly the world’s best quality of media. However, I can see from your other thread that you had problems even with better known media of good quality. That leaves me with only one idea left :

What are the conditions under which your blank media discs are stored? You didn’t say, but I’m guessing that you have been buying discs and burning a few of them immediately and geting good quality burns. Then you store the rest of the discs you bought and don’t use them till later. When you finally got around to using them, the burns were not of such good quality. If that is what has been happening, then something about the conditions the blank discs are stored is causing them to deteriorate. Heat and humidity as well as exposure to sunlight can kill discs, even blank ones.

What seems to confirm this is the fact that you changed burners, and still ran into the same problem. That kind of rules out your burners as being part of the problem.

That’s my guess anyway.

It is also possible that MBI media is inconsistent within the same batch. I found this to be true with Ritek, which is why I scan now. I would change brands. The LG very much likes TYG01 if there is any over there, also MCC 02RG20.

It maybe also the LiteOn… I got scans like this with high spikes from time to time in my LiteOn 411 when I rescanned the scan was totally different and also as it should be. It may be related with the disc mounting in the drive… but I’m not really sure what’s the cause for this.

Hello, i’ve same problem with firmware A104…
not with A103.

is there a way to downgrade?

After 4gigs limit burn errors (PIF & PIE) are extremely high. Almost unreadable

1st update to firmware A105
test it… and if we are lucky… this resolve problem.

Just for the record, MBI media are cheaper than Taiwanese media.

I installed the LG drive in another PC, results attached (though I don’t know what happen to the colours). I guess this shows the problem is not related to the PC itself.

My DVDs are stored in a cabinet, no direct, sunlight etc.
I event got the same type of media (Prostore/MBI) from my coleague to exclude invalid batch.

The LiteOn seems to be OK regarding PI/PIF scan. The DVDs indicated as invalid will not play in some DVDs. Anyway I asked one of my frends to do PI/PIF scan on his drive - we shall see.

Fw A105 is OK. Verified… now 4163b is back to A103 performance. Good

My coleague did quality scan on a DVD I burned. The PI/PIF results are the same which means my LiteOn does correct quality scan. In the evening I will try A105, though my problems started with A102, so I suspect A105 will not help me :frowning:

Do you store them in that cabinet before or after burning? The question here is about how you store them before you burn them.

result after the upgrade to A105

regarding storing: it is the same cabinet before and after.

anyway, as I said I got the SAME type of DVDs MBI/Prostore, from a coleague. He gest very good results with the same media on his LiteOn.
I get very bad results, either on DVDs from cabinet or on DVDs from my colleague


There are two options.

  1. The media is not good enough. LG likes good quality media.
  2. Your LG has developed a defect.
    The best way to find out which one is true is by testing another kind of media, preferably a good one (like Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden). Of course, it is also possible that both options apply.

the point is my LG used to burn the MBIPG101R03 media in large quantities (like ~200 of them) with excelent results (see prostore_old_burn_good.PNG). My colleague still gets very good results with the media on his LiteOn

Another friend of mine also has the LG4163, I will test MBIPG101R03 on his drive.

I also will get MCC/verbatim and let you know result, this will show if the LG became physically defective

If it is not defective, my guess it has “learned” the MBIPG101R03 media in some funny way (my problem started with A102 so it excludes version issue)

Anyway, it is frustrating, I bought LG based on excelent reviews after quality problems with my LiteOn. In the beginning the results we according (some no name cheap media with PI/PIF 10/100 stable across all DVDs)

Thank you all for help/hints :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar nasty looking burns with my LG after many, many, good burns…

Try cleaning up your harddrive…delete crap and defrag. Worked well for me…quality scans were like my first burns.

Good luck, hope that’s all it is.

two scans of “better” media, both branded TDK. The TDK002 burned x12, the MBIPG101R04 x8

I would give the Moser Baer media to your colleague and try to find better quality for your LG. It doesn’t like Moser Bear, even if it has a TDK label.

It seems to be hard to find something else here in Poland, TDK, Philips, no name stuff - all sell MBI

I will try Verbatim/MCC. Anyway my LG loved MBI at the beginning (first ~100 discs)