***Burn Quality Hall of Shame**



We should start a hall of shame for lousy and bad quality media burns which is not due to the firmware or drive all because of the media incompability. Please start posting the coasters. Stating the brand, media code, drive name, firmware version and the file size. Kindly include the media picture if possible. :slight_smile:



the objective of this thread???

not very nice to do this here… :a :frowning: :frowning:


I think this thread is a good idea… more useful than *Burn Quality Hall of Fame… as you can look here and see what discs you should avoid. =)


This thread could also offer a little comic relief.

But quikee is right: if this thread could prevent even one “What media should I use…” newbie post, then it is worth it’s weight in gold I think.

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This is to tell us which media to avoid


Well, i think this burn belongs in this topic.
Datawrite +R 8X Printable.


Looks like fake MCC 003. Surprising the number of manufacturers who like to fake MCC 003…


LOL this MCC003 disc has 100x more POF than most of my MCC003 disc PIE+PIF. =)


I guess it’s not fake, it is B grade and printable. I often find printable media going crazy after around 3,8 GB. I have no clue why but maybe it has something to do with wrong technology making printable surface. :confused:


If we are going to do this, I think the info should be very extensive and should at least include point of sale, country / continent, how they are sold, what color, packaging, etc. Otherwise, if someone gets a bad batch or fake media, this would reflect badly on a whole mediacode or brandname that does not deserve it, and nobody is helped.


I’m going to have fun with this hall of shame. Where are my princos.


OK rules of hall of shame:
POF > 1
PIE max > 1000
PIF max > 100
QS = 0
jitter > 14%

Just kidding. =)


My Benq 1620A won’t burn any of my old Verbatim 2X DVD-R media–because it tries to burn them at 2.4X :a . I’ll be posting one of these stinkers up here later. My prior burns on these made the posts above look like GOLD! Yes, POFs etc…


Gentlemans, every DVDRW drive can burn bad with crap media… :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not know what kind’a printable media you are using, but I never experienced that.

Have a look at my printable media at top speeds; MCC003 @12x and YUDEN000-T02 @16x. This even when WOPC is disabled. :smiley:

I was living under impression this was a well known fact among BenQ users. :rolleyes:
BenQ 1620 can’t burn lower then 2.4x on any media type!


FYI…I just got a 50pck of TY02 8x dvd+r from Best Buy…Qscan says they will do 16x…batch 01158 0705…well burn starts and goes t o10x and 40% through burn the drive practically stops…and drops t o8x and craps out…did not bother scanning…I burned 4-5 disc…I then went back and my Sony ty02 batch 01133…burn at 16x with quality score of 93-95

BTW the troubl is with fw P9/T9…these are a bad spindle…ugh was hoping the 01158 were better tha nmy 01133

dang…wonder if BB wil lexchange this bad spindle…gonna try anyway


hey neal:
i returned fuji’s (8x +r tys02) to bb. including around 10 movies that i burned that were total crap. my store was very accommodating. i was offered another tub or store credit. good luck with return.


DR COPY DVD AVOID. BOUGht 100pcs for 38 SGD. 4 out of 10 all coasters. SUCKS


all the DVD+RW verbatim 4x which I own give similar results after several rewrites at 4x :confused:


wellI returned to BB…they had to get a Tech…who came ovr and said it looked like a Mutlisession burn…to which I promptly stated …nope all three discs were .iso burn…He the nsaid they having been having issues with Fuji meida???..he said to return them as defective and swapped out for a new batch…01149

also saw an open item 50pck of Made in Japan 8x dvd-r for $10 so I got them too

Interesting I noted most of the 8x -r were made in taiwan beware Fuji maybe changing suppliers…