Burn quality getting bad

I’ve been successfully backing up my dvd’s for quite some time now, but recently my copies have started skipping and freezing during play back in my dvd player. I tried changing brands of discs, updated programs, rolling back programs and finally decided my burner was just getting old. It was still under warranty so i installed a new. same problem occurs. any solutions? thanks

bad disk bad disk bad disk

In most cases this is the problem you said you changed brands but to what brand did you change to? Another thing that can cause this is some other program starting durning the burn such as antivirus and such or you trying to do something on the computer while burning. Do a ctl alt del and bring up the task manager and watch the processes while you burn and see if one is starting while you are burning. Also a bad dvd player could cause this I had a apex that made me think I was having bad burns but the player was going bad. Could try and cleaning the dvd player.

any other ideas?

yea i get the same problem with some dvds i make since you said you change up the disks, 10 to 1 its the same problem i had its your dvd player…the big one i bought for 100 dollars awhile back doesnt even compare to small 40 dollar one i just recently bought from walmart that reads everything from vcds to svcds and it plays the dvds back perfectly so i would suggest to go out and buy a new cheap dvd player if u have an older one that would get the job done

I thought I gave you enough already have you checked all of the one I gave you.

He is right about the cheap walmart ones I have walmart apex units that work great with about any disk while people with sony units that cost alot of money will not not.

burn at a lower speed :slight_smile: consider 2x-4x

i burn my games and movies at the lowest speed possible, after all i want to keep the original quality of its original.

burning is like driving i guess

it’s easy to turn when driving about 5-10miles/hr than it is 60miles per hour

as for the dvd burner the slower the speed the more time it will have to write all the necessary date into that sector of the disc.

more time more quality, less time less quality. if you are in a hurry burn it at 16x for DVD media or 48x for CD media, RW and RL are slower, but don’t expect high quality for it.

when i burned my games/movies i just leave the alarm for about 20-30 minutes later, when the alarm goes off you know you have a perfect copy of the original!

Not true. With modern dyes writing at, or just below rated speeds is the way you’ll get best quality.
You may find slow speeds will work with rubbish media, but anyone who values their data will use quality media.
Have you tried Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim ?

well i use Sony media, and it works just fine at low speeds for my games/movies, My Sony DVD-R can be written at 16x but eh… i’m in no rush, after all Quality is my goal in a burn. The copies look exactly like the original. I have some memorex media but it’s for backing up my documents (not important).

That’s the reason you have to burn so slowly then. :iagree:
Buy a couple of quality disks for a change, just to try them. You may find you like them. :slight_smile:

nah… Sony is a good brand for me since i like their accucore feature. i have philips, memorex, and verbatim (did i spell it wrong)but i don’t use them as much as Sony. my games and movies are exactly the same as the original, and their durability is much greater.

as for having to burn so slow, it’s because i prefer it that way it’s not because the media that i’m using is poor in quality. :confused:

what media do you use?

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. Both + and -. (And only Verbatim for dual layer.)
Over time I’ve tried lots of other makes but have found these two, though slightly more expensive, give me the best results.
Used Sony, Lite-on, LG, Pioneer, Samsung and a few other drives, but always went back to Pioneer. Never let me down.
It seems to be a case of finding what media works best for the drive you have.
The TY burnt at 12x or 16x on the Pioneer plays on anything. :bigsmile:

I use the verbatim 16x white printable +R’s. Never a problem. I have a pioneer dvr-111d to burn the bottoms and a canon ip6000d to inkjet the tops. This setup is super and I never have any probs on either side. Verbatims are IMO the top of the line. I don’t know what having a bad burn is cause I’ve never experienced one. Almost never anyway…

One thing though, please explain the reasoning behind being in no hurry to burn so that’s why you burn slow. What the??? You also said that ‘backing up’ documents was not important to you, then why bother? For me at least, ‘backing up documents’ is one of the most important things I do with my burner, they’re ‘my’ documents after all and very valuable to me or I wouldn’t have created them, saved them, or backed them up to begin with!!!

Well, I’ll leave off at that, I hope you find the true reason for your mishaps with burning. Even though there are only three components; burners, disks, and software, too the burning process, it is still a complicated beast with many many variables to consider and to setup that all contribute to the final finished product. Do yourself a favor and at least try exploring the advice and help that was offered by the helpful souls here at cdfreaks.

One last thing, stop bs’ing around when you get advice. You asked for some help and you got some help. No need to defend yourself in between, Nobody said you were doing anything wrong, just what you could ‘try’ to help make things work right.

Taiyo Yuden??? :? there’s no such brand name in the US :confused:

well i guess different continent has different products :confused:

well, thanks for the share. :slight_smile:

tayo yuden is actually a dye . It can be found on different brands . Look here http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=eproformance&dvdmediadvdridsearch=&type=3&size=4.7&dvdburnspeed=All&order=Name&hits=25&search=Search+or+List+Media

Please check out this link. You will find Taiyo Yuden media there and many other places!
Super Media Store and Taiyo Yuden Media.

[B]@ hello20[/B]

Taiyo Yuden is sold as a brand in the UK though. The make, or the dye when used, is thought by many to be the very best available. (At the moment.)
Things will probably change in the future. They usually do. :iagree:

I never came across discs branded as TY here in the UK :confused:

We have Plextor-branded TYs, as well as Verbatim-branded TYs and sometimes Panasonic ones…however, we do have “unbranded” TYs, which you can get online from SVP :slight_smile:

Rima, SupermediaStore, Meritline, Shop4Tech, Newegg, and MWave all sell the unbranded TY’s.

Some of your Sony’s (most likely 8x+R if you have ever used them) have a good chance of being rebranded Taiyo Yuden’s.

[B]@ Arachne[/B]

You mentioned SVP. They sell “Taiyo Yuden Full-Face Printable (16x) DVD-R” amongst others, but with no other brand name. So I’m happy calling them branded disks.

(Maybe a bit picky I know. But, what the hell, its the festive season. :bigsmile: )

Yes, very picky :bigsmile:…I know what you mean, and you know what you mean ;)…but I was just worried we’d have new folks going, “but I can’t find TY brand anywhere!!!” :bigsmile: