Burn quality comparisons for the 1633 - what worked best for me

I took a lot of time over the weekend to find a firmware for my 1633 which would produce the highest quality burns. Ever since I purchased the unit about a year ago it had been frustrating me no end with really bad burns.
After substantial testing, I have found that crossflashing with the BYX5 firmware from codeguys is the only firmware that has a prayer in hell of writing disks of acceptable quality. I tried the stock BSOS, the new stock BSOY, and finally gave BYX5 a try.
Here are the scan graphs (BSOS, then BSOY, then BYX5).
The disks were all burnt at 8X.
Suprisingly, BSOY (which took LiteOn a year to produce) sucks worse that it’s predecessor BSOS.
Go figure.

@ TheScotster

Nice comparison, but I think it had more value when you used decent media and several different mediacodes. One brand can produce good results on BS0S, as another one can produce better results on BYX5 or one of the CSxx firmwares from LiteOn. My daughter has still a few Hyundai fake Tayio Yudens lying around, and the only way I found out to produce a decent burn is to use CSTR or CS0R and reset learnt media before every burn. To use such media for a comparison scan would not be honest to the drive and LiteOn in general.

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I am no expert on media, that is correct. However, I have also run scans using:

PRINCO,52,-R (4X) by Princo
MCC,003,00,+R (8X) by Verbatim

as well as the:

INFOME,R20,00,+R (8X) by Unknown

that is posted above.

All 3 of these media were purchased inexpensively, so yes, you may consider them cheap media, but do they perform? And are they terrible media?

They do perform, and they are not terrible, hence I would say it is quite fair to judge the 1633 based on how they burn.

You see the INFOME scan is very good. It’s not spetacular, but it is solid. PIFs were excellent. Except for 3 spikes to 4, 2 to 5, and 1 to 6, the entire disk stayed below 4. PIEs generally stayed below 25, except for the last 12% of the disk, but anyway they were even still at an acceptable level then.
If you run the scan at 1x (as it would be played in a consumer device) the scan registers nary a line.

When burnt in a friend’s BenQ, and another friend’s NEC, scans turned out very well too (and they were using stock firmware). So, I’d say this media is not crap.

I can spend yet more time and post the scans for the other two media, but take my word, the results were similar - a dramatic improvement when BYX5 was used, and a good burn result.

Lite-On dropped the ball on the firmware for this drive. I’d bet a million dollars the only reason the stock firmwares from Lite-On don’t work well is because they were too darn busy making 1673s, 93s, etc to be bothered to take the proper time to tweak the 1633 firmware adequately. This product was pushed out, then promptly ignored. At least Sony took the time to get the firmware right - showing that indeed good burns could be had on value media.

Why buy expensive media when inexpensive media will do fine? The only reason I’d spend more money on media would be for media longevity. Since I don’t use DVDs for long term collection, and since I haven’t seen any longevity comparisons, it’s not that important for me.

As for Lite-On, I judge them by what they gave me, and if codeguys weren’t around to give us BYX5, I might be wasting time and money finding and purchasing whatever expensive media does work with the 1633. Therefore I deem the 1633 to be junk for the average consumer, and a blemish on their usually excellent hardware record.

That conclusion is only peripheral to the point of this thread, which is that anyone reading this should run a couple scans on their favorite media under their existing firmware, then flash to BYX5, then burn another couple disks, scan, and compare the results. You will probably be more than pleasantly suprised. If not, flash back, but I’d bet good money that BYX5 will beat any Lite-On firmware for a majority of the media codes.

Prove me wrong.

With my retired 1633@1653 the best fw has alway been CS0P. I have tried BYX5 and was unhappy with it.
Anyway the 1633 and 1653 have never been and will never be a good drive … what ever FW you use. It was only good at burning CDs and the 1633 was a good reader!!! I think Liteon should have been sued for having such a drive on the market…

@ The Scotster

I did try BYX5, but it performed in my drive just as CS0P. So I did’nt see the point in keeping it. But thats not the point. Your post showed us only the Infome scans, and as curious as I am, it would be nice seeing the results of your comparison on other media too. I started my post with “Nice comparison”. I think it’s a good initiative!
Every drive behaves differently, bichonn proved it with his findings. And you are right, LiteOn has let his customers down with this series, that’s for sure. But thanks to the CodeGuys we have a wealth of firmware to our disposal, and my drive performs not bad with the latest CSxx series. Some say it’s garbage, but I’m happy with it.

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Just my own two cents…while I’m for sure no expert and I’m aware of the benefits of utd firmware, I’m finding that the year old BSOS is, nevertheless, giving me good bkups that play in all the players I’ve tried, including my kids’ and their friends’ players. I’m really not debating the faults of this burner, but I’ve sure been happy with it, especially when burning to the TYs.

Burned at 4X to TYG02 using Fab express with a small amount of compression to fit to a SL (I usually don’t compress much past 80% of original disc size…if it’s more severe, I’ll burn to a DL).

I think…?..I read that I was supposed to scan at 4X…sorry 'bout that… :doh:

I think with more scans we could know better which is the best firmware, cause I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about this firmware and the other but I don’t see many scans out there with the latest firmwares…

I agree. Here is a scan of BS0Y, @ 4x.

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Hi all, new here. I am looking forward to the results in this thread. Ive been reading these forums for a while (ever since i started having some crummy burns with my 1633s) and right now im running it as 1633@1653 CSOR. I have ok results, but recently i picked up some verbatim -r (MCC02 if i remember right) and have had some strange results. My burns at 8x look like the first one posted in this thread. If i reset learnt media i get a good burn, but then the next one after the reset looks crummy again. The strange part is if i burn at 4x then they are very good. Might have to try the BXY5 also.

Thanks for all of the great info.

They should sticky the above! CD’s good, DVDr bad pretty much sums it up.

On a whim, I crossflashed to the CS0T firmware for the 1653 drive.
The end result was in line with what BYX5 gave.
At first it didn’t seem so, but then I reset learn media and burnt 3 to 5 DVDs of each brand (some improved quicker) I own, after which the scan results came to look like the BYX5 scans.
I think I’ll stick with this firmware.
But it just ticks me off that no stock 1633 firmware approaches the “okay” quality that I get with this crossflash.
Bad Lite-On.

Oh yeah, and sorry ldw for sounding negative or confrontational. Didn’t mean to, but kinda ended up seeming such. Apologies.

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I wasn’t going to bump up this thread, but I’ve been getting some decent scans with TY’s, CMC’s, and MCC004 with CS0R fw and the 1633 upgraded to 1653. Here’s an MCC004 burned at 8x: