Burn quality - BTC 1004IM vs LDW-411S

Hi guys

Just read the review of the LiteOn LDW-411S here http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/127/1. For those of you that might not know, the Liteon is based on the same MediaTek chipset as the BTC 1004. So I thought a small comparison of burn quality would be nice (and fair). Since I only have DVD-R medias at the moment (Verbatim DLP MID=TYG01) I used this media for comparing.

LiteOn LDW-411S, K’s Probe scan, Verbatim DLP TYG01

BTC 1004IM, K’s Probe scan, Verbatim DLP TYG01 (my burn/scan)

As you can see the results are very similar. The LDW-411S has a lower PI/C1 average of 23 vs 100 while the BTC has a little lower PO/C2 average of 0.123 vs 0.198.

It’s worth noting that a PI/C1 avg count < 280 is within the ECMA 338 Standard for DVD-R/RW (get it at http://www.ecma-international.org) while the PO/C2 avg. count is very low for both drives. However the test of the LDS-411S concludes: “Although the result is very good there is still room for improvement as some other writers is able to write these with even better quality.”

In general the LDW-411S’ burnquality seems to be much better with DVD+R media than DVD-R media. I guess this goes for the BTC 1004 as well. If only we could have this bitsetting feature in firmware I would definately stop using DVD-R and start using DVD+R instead.

Until we get a review of the BTC 1004 I suggest you all read the LDW-411S review instead.