Burn quality AFTER upgrading firmware

this is for all you guy’s who have upgraded from Z-CLV to P-CAV drives using the latest firmware…have you noticed any difference in write quality (good or bad?)…although at the moment I have a 32125s I will sell this drive and buy a 40x liteon if the upgrades that you can do dont affect the burning quality afterwards…cheers …dave:)

I’ve had varying results.

Moser baer media: better results with Zone-CLV

Taiyo Yuden: better results with P-CAV firmware

Acer: Better result with P-CAV firmware

CMC Magnetics: Much better result with P-CAV firmware

“Most” other media gives better results with Zone-CLV.

I think it’s only some fine tuning on the firmware before P-CAV/CAV will be the same/better than Zone-CLV.

…Copy Protections: Better results with P-Cav.
Because: Now ther isnt a gap, when the speed increases in steps, anymore. So the protections can not identify those gaps from z-clv and the games will run.
Gräfdig Gloner

GrefdigGloner, I know what you’re saying about the gaps. It’s obviously preferrable to have no gaps (no matter how small) on a disc but these gaps are supposed to undetectable, are they not?

Is there really a possibility of software being able to detect the zone changes?

I do not believe the gaps have anything to do with the protections…the software protection should not be able to detect the gap…

Well, of course the gaps aren’t generated by the protection; so they have nothing to do with the protection. But I was wondering if protection schemes (either current or future) would be able to detect the gaps. I strongly doubt it.

I remember reading the initial tech documents on BURN proof (pre-release) and it stated that gaps produced by restarting the laser are within the tolerance levels of CD specifications, and therefore, are automatically ignored by the drive at hardware level.

That would mean Z-CLV would be no worse at duplicating protection that P-CAV, even in the future.

Bilto…I am sorry…I mis typed and did not preview my post…I have to be more careful…I agree 100% with you…

this is what happens to me:
I have cloned the newest “The Sims” expansion.
With my 40x liteon (with Zone-CLV) I took a speed for writing at about 24x so the drive needs to produce such a gap (because it cannot write at 24x frim the beginning till to the end of the media)
Then I wrote again but with 12x so the drive can write this from beginning till to the end without a gap ,and tata, the THE COPY WAS WORKING. The other settings were the same (settings for sd2) I have used the same media to write on AND as you know, the Liteon 40x is able to produce perfect copies of all SD versions.
I hope this will make you think.
Gräfdig Gloner