"Burn process started", not "successful" as one might expect!

Hi Guys.

DVD Burner: Sony DRU-500a firmware 2.1f (flashed from DW-U10a)
DVD-Rs: “RiDisc” Blues and “Datawrite” Yellowtops
DVD player: Umax/Yamada 6700
Nero version:
Compression: DVDShrink v3.2

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare recently with DVD backups. Firstly, I bought a load of cheap DVD-Rs from Ebuyer (in the UK) which had AZO dyes. This was back in the day when I presumed a blank DVD was a blank DVD! On ripping them, there seemed to be no problem, but on playback they all, without fail, start so skip within the last half hour of the film. As I am sure you can imagine, this is horrendously frustrating, because I never get to see the end of the film!

To try and resolve this problem, I did a little more research and bought some Datawrite Yellowtops (4x) with their G04 dye. I also bought some RiDiscs (also 4x), which I was told also had this same G04 dye.

Having received them a couple of days ago I have quickly ripped 3 of the RiDiscs (which actually turn out to have ttG02 dye (whatever that is)) and 1 of the Datawrite Yellowtops. They all play fine downstairs on my Yamada, but there is a difference between the two types:

-The RiDiscs all seem to burn at 4x and have a concluding Nero alert of “Burn completed successfully at 4x”.

-The Yellowtops, however, burn at only 2x and have a concluding Nero alert of “Burn process started at 4x”, which seems slightly odd.

Does anyone know if I have done something wrong to prevent a) the Yellowtops from burning at 4x and b) Nero from saying that the burn was “successful”. Why is Nero saying, when the burn is at 100%, that the process has only been “started”?

The “finalize” box in Nero is uncheckable (greyed-out), by the way.

Is there any way I can make the Yellowtops finish burning in a way that Nero deems “successful”?!

Thanks a lot for your help!


your nero is old update to


Actually go to version

It is the very latest one-


better still … rip tp iso with dvd shrink or dvd decrypter…burn iso with dvd decrypter set to the rated speed of the dvd blank media. if that speed fails with “sense error…” lower the speed. also update firmware of dvd burner BEFORE all of the above.