Burn Process failing with Nero

Nero was working fine but now when I try to burn a CD the burning process starts then an error comes up indicating that the burn process has failed.

Have tried to burn on several different discs thinking it might be a bad disk.

In the course of checking registry for invalid entries found the following Nero related entries:

Missing Shared DLL


Invalid Default Icons


Tried reinstalling Nero, thinking reinstallation would correct missing shared DLL’s and invalid icons. Same burn process failed error continues after reinstall.

Any help appreciated

@ lisse
can you post an error log?

Thank you for your response.

Managed to solve the problem by doing a clean uninstall using Nero’s General Clean Tool, Registry Checker and Driver Clean Tool, and InCD Clean Tool then reinstalling.

@ lisse
Good job and congrats on your success! Thanks for posting back with your solution:)