Burn Process Failed

I used avi2dvd to convert Xvid to DVD and then burn to DVD using Nero 9.
I am continually getting “burn process failed” a little more than 20% into the process. This happens when using Nero Express or Nero ROM (burn ISO image). Attached is the Nero log file. If someone could review it and make any suggestions it would be appreciated. OS is Windows Vista 64 Home Premium.
The DVD burners are listed in the log.



This might be the problem is with the type of media your using? Try a verbatim +R or +R DL media and see if the problem goes away. Otherwise you will have to remake the image from the source and try again. Also what kinda source file are you trying to burn format??

I finally got a disk to burn.
I uninstalled Nero 9 and then reinstalled.
Tried to burn project using +DL disk- went to layer break
and then got error.
I re-coverted the Xvid file again using avi2dvd, this time using single
layer format instead of dual layer.
Burned again using different media (4.7GB -R). Success.

At this point I don’t know whether it was the media or the conversion
(avi2dvd), but at least I know the burners work. Going to buy a different
brand media (DL) and see if I can get it to work also.