Burn Process Failed, Illegal Disc



I get this message consistently with standard blank cd-r media. drive seems to be configured correctly and reports no errors before the burn begins. anyone seen this before?


I’m having a similar problem. I have a CD-R/RW device but want to write to a CD-R disk and it won’t let me! It says I MUST have a CD-RW disk. I’m using the latest version (–help!



I am running NeroLinux on Debian with a 2.6.8 kernel.

When I try to burn a CD (Only tried audio CD at this stage) a window pops up and says;

Please insert the disc to write to…

Disc required for the compilation: CD-R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: CD-R

What gives,

Any siggestions?


I am running kubuntu with kde 3.4.2, using an aopen dvd burner. I have came across the same error before, Burn Process Failed, Illegal Disc. When this error comes up I can use an infinite amount of blank cds with the same result. The only solution to this problem for me was to just restart the nerolinux program.


This message might come when some other processes are accessing your devices (like automounters or so). Make sure that NeroLINUX is the only one that access your drives !