Burn process failed, do i need to RMA my dvd-rw?

no i don’t have another drive to test, attached is the log file. Nothing in the system is overclocked, all drivers are the newest available. Firmware on dvd-rw is also the newest, updated it after many failed burns, this is the first out of about 5 that have failed.

Well it burned this time at 4x, will try 6x, what happens when it fails is the buffer drops to 7% and the drive squeels kinda, not like a screetch but you definately notice a difference in the sound. If it continues to burn at 4x or 6x succesfully, should i RMA the drive? it still has warranty left on it. My system specs are:

Athlon 64 3500+ (2.2ghz)
1024mb OCZ dual-channel Ram
Seagate 160gb SATA HDD
Asus A8V Motherboard (newest non-beta firmware, 2019)
NEC 3520A (newest non-beta firmware, 3.06)
Windows XP Home SP2

Firstly try these.

  1. Check that DMA is enabled for the burner as the Nero log doesn’t show that.

  2. Try another burning app. As you appear to be burning an image try ImgBurn. It’s always good to rule out the app first.

  3. Ensure that the source drive (HD) is fully defragged.

When you say the buffer falls to 7% , is that the device buffer or read buffer. If it’s the latter then defragementation or DMA not enabled could well be the cause.

  1. No DMA Option in device manager?

  2. Ok, i will try another app.

  3. It is fully defragged

  4. I’m not sure, what ever meter that’s in nero at the bottom beside the drive name.

Ok, so i tried imgburn and it does the same thing, device buffer drops to 7%, and the burn speed dives down to 0.3x from 8.2x, this time it actually didn’t fail tho, stayed at 7% for a while, then it picked back up and finished. This bothers me =/

Maybe your burner doesn’t like the particular batch of DVDs you’re using, other than that I’ve got as much idea as you as to what the problem could be. :confused: