Burn Process Failed (A bit off topic)



Sorry for the ot but thought i’d share the reason for a rare coaster. There’s a first for everything i guess. This mosquito was in the wrong pc at the wrong time :smiley:
(Disc was Infiniti MCC 03RG20, 16x rated and i attempted 20x … but failed)


Zapping them with lasers! Now that’s an idea.

Too bad the drive didn’t have an appropriate write strategy.


LOL! :bigsmile:

Off-topic (not quite), but very funny :bigsmile:


Even funnier for me, since I read the original post just after having chased a (very annoying) mosquito around my burning setup, with a ‘zapper’, for a quarter or so… LOL


lol, nice one :bigsmile:


That mosquito must have been a CD Freak, and like other bugs it’s attracted to heat… Like moths to a flame! :smiley:


Wonder what that mosquito would TRT like? LOL :wink:


[QUOTE=Arachne;2100051]Wonder what that mosquito would TRT like? LOL ;)[/QUOTE]

I actually thought about a TRT but decided that the result was too predictable :slight_smile: Yeah, perhaps it’s time to add write strategy for crazy mosquitos gone wild as well :wink: I know i’ll chase the next i see so it won’t get in my way… :stuck_out_tongue: