Burn proccess failed (NERO) dvd-r!

i just got some dvd-r for my pioneer dv-r 104 the dvd-r are bulkpaq and i burnt one film fine at 2x and then another and then another. now im gettin failed. look at the picture i have added to the thread. i can burn successful at 1x but thats pretty annoyin it takes over an hour to burn at 1x, plzzzz anyone knows help, thanks!!
ooooooooops i forgot how to add a picture can sombody help me with that too. lol thanks!!:smiley:

wrong forum.

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Moving threads is fun.
What brand dvd-r are you using?
You can attach scans by pressing the “browse” button above the submit-buton.

it tells u in my first thread wot brand im using, im using bulkpaq 1-4x dvd-r. and thanks i found out how to send a picture. thanks!!

Bulkapq 4X DVD-R is very low quality princo manufactured discs, so my best guess is that it’s the media that is the problem.