Burn problems

Hi, I have a Pioneer DVR 1070. I burnt a lot of DVDs with Nero 6. Although all of then showed burnt suscesfully and are perfectly reading with this drive, some of the DVDs can’t be readen with my laptop. I can not find out wether the problem is the DVD drive or the disks. Actually I’m using Datawrite disks.
I’ll appreciate any suggestion.

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The name Datawrite always makes me nervous :wink: - their discs can be any one of two dozen or more manufacturers.

Very good chance it’s the discs and not your Pio. Can you download CD-DVD Speed, pop one of the Datawrites in, and tell us the MID info?

You’ll find that under the “Disc Info” tab. :slight_smile:

Yup, scan them but probably you’ll get bad results with them. :frowning:

I attached a picture of the test I did. I’m not shure this is you asked for.
Anyway, can you recomend a good brand for blank DVDs to burn?

DVD Drive.doc (22 KB)

TRT (Transfer Rate Test) looks good at 8x. All the TRT shows is that the discs is readable.

As far blank media, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim would be the way to go, but what is available to you depends mainly on where you live. What country are you in?

I just saw that your 107 is still at fw 1.13…

1.21 is latest. :wink:

Also try Nero cd dvd speed

I’m in UK.
Do you mean it’s convenient to upgrade from 1.13 to 1.21? How can I do that?

Many thanks for the suggestions.

IF you are using Nero and InCD-you need to have the laptop setup to use InCD as well, so far as I have found. Packet writing programs are just that way so I have learned from both Nero and Roxio. Try burning a CD or DVD using Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 (free trial) and see if it reads correctly in your laptop. Also make sure that InCD is turned off when doing the test.
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Sorry, 1.22 is latest.

Get it from here: