Burn problems with ND-2500A

I collect recordings of live music and have several hundred CD-Rs with data on them. I bought this drive to back up these discs to DVD to save on space, but I am getting a lot of coasters. I went through a 25-pack of TDK DVD-R and only got 15 to work. I just bought a 100-pack of Fuji (Ritek G03)and have ruined 3 of the first 4. Here is what I have tried:

  1. Changed transfer mode to DMA.
  2. Defragged hard drive.
  3. Flashed firmware to version 1.07.
  4. Installed Nero updates.

I use Nero to burn. I set it to verify data after the burn, and it comes up with several errors.

I am running Windows XP. Drive is set as master. System is a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 1GB of memory, so I know that shouldn’t be the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Several people have reported problems with the Nero verify option. What they found was that it was always reporting errrors, however the disks appeared to work correctly. You might want to try some other method of verifying that the disk is good/bad. Your disks may be good and Nero is incorrectly reporting errors.

Use different media.
Ritek DVD-R disc quality has gone downhill as of late and the 2500A does not do well with it…

The files I am backing up have md5 checksum files to verify data integrity. I have checked them against what Nero says is bad and it appears to be correct.

Damn, I just bought 100 pack of these! I guess I’ll just go through them and hope to get some to work and consider it a lesson learned about using cheap media (although $80 for 100 pack isn’t that cheap!).

Try using Herrie firmware and test using DVDInfoPro.

What was the media code on the TDK discs? TDK branded media is usually decent and could even by TY. If so, the problem might be more than just crappy media. You didn’t mention what speed you were burning at. Even though the hacked firmware gives you the option to burn at faster speeds, your mileage may vary. One batch of media may burn well at 8x, while another with the same media code (that may or may not be from the same brand) may only burn well at 4x. If you were burning at the maximum speed, you might want to try dropping the speed to 4x. I’ve found with my crappy memorex (cmc) media, I can burn consistently well at 4x, OK at 6x if I’m burning up to about 4 gigs (if I fill the disc, it fails in the last 500 megs or so), at poorly at 8x. On my other cake box of cmc (different brand), all the discs burn well at 8x.

TDK media code is TDKG02.

I’m using the 1.07 v2b5 firmware, but I am only burning at 2x.

Probably you already did these. But it isn’t clear from your post. Maybe this helps you to identify your problem.

  1. Did you test the full data with dvdinfopro and does it report errors?
  2. Did you try other dvd readers for reading test?

I started the read error test with DVDinfopro 7 hours ago and it is still running. It is only 13% complete and it has listed nearly 12,000 errors while testing individual blocks.

Hmmm… that seems odd…
(a) Shouldn’t take that long
(b) Way too many errors …
Are you seeing “red” colored blocks in it ?

You are sure that the drive is in DMA mode ? Sometimes XP screws around and makes it PIO for no good reason - check and double check that.
Is your HDD and NEC on the same IDE channel ? ( Pri or Sec ? ) - If yes, can you make NEC as the Sec/Master and leave the HDD as Pri/Mas or slave ?

Last - what’s the version of Nero that u are using ?
Can you make an ISO image and burn with DVDDecrypter instead ?

Stop the scan and toss the disc.

The first 10% took a minute or two. Once it started showing errors, the display showed red blocks. It only ran for 7 hours because I started it and then went out.

It is still in DMA mode. I did double check that. I have my HDD as primary master. The NEC is secondary master. I upgraded to the newest version of Nero (

I have been trying to burn around 4.0 GB at a time. I just tried a smaller burn size (2 GB), but it still showed errors. I have used a different DVD-ROM, but when I try to extract the files to the HDD, I get cyclic redundancy errors.

I’ll try your suggestion to make an ISO image.

Thanks for everyone’s input!

Can you try a different brand of disc? I’ve heard it mentioned that CMC has taken over some manufacturing duties of tdk media, regardless of media id.

Oh yeah, how about check aspi layer. I doubt it is a problem, but just for the hell of it why not.

I’m not sure what that means. I’ll do a search, but if you can give a quick explanation…

I’ve had a DVDInfoPro read error scan take all night on a bad disc before.
This probably due to bad media. I suggest trying other media.

I haven´t had any problems burning any media. On the Other hand I haven´t tried the mediatypes reported here as bad. (Plain luck actually because I bought some before knowing about this forum. I’ve tried Verbatim 8X DVD+R (I don’t know what mediacode) and they burned fine and nero verified OK and no reda problems whatsoever. The only problem I had with those are my stand alone DVD player dont like the movies. It starts to momentarily freeze at approx 25 minutes and it goes on until approx 40 min and everything else is easy to watch. I guess the DVD has problems with these discs. It does the same regardless of what speed I burned at. (Tried 2X 4X and 8X). I then went and bought some Platinum 8X DVD+R (CMC media) and nero verified OK. I got some dips near the end of the disc when using Nero DVD-Speed. It didn’t go below 4X and my Standalone DVD is very happy. I am using stock 1.07 firmware. It seems to me that there might be a slight difference between the drives and the batches of media. I’ve read several posts that CMC media isn’t very good but it seems to work OK for me. If you stick to brand media that seem to work for most people you probably have a low chance of failure. If you want to use cheaper media it seems that you will have to be prepared to make a few coasters while finding a media that works well. The biggest issue for me is that it seems that you can buy one pack of discs one day and get one mediacode while you can get a completely different mediacode when going to the same store and buing the same media from the same shelf. It is a bit frustrating. I gather these problems will disappear when the DVD burning industry matures a bit more.

Well… the 2500A is so good that even when I’m using the worst crap media it produce decent burns. The brands you’re using are typically known to provide good ones.
If an 2500A fails two brands of media so terribly, I really think that the drive has something wrong… not the media.

Still it is possible that the hardware (or OS) is working in a wrong setup, but the way you describe your effort, I believe you know enough to distinguish it.

The drive works well for burning to CD-R and it has worked on some of the DVD-R media. I just bought a 5-pack of Sony and all burned successfully except one (I tried it at 8X and it failed). I’m going to pull a Cheney and blame the media (you have to see the headline at msn.com: “Cheney blames ‘lazy’ media”).